Gilad Goren is a social entrepreneur born and raised in the travel industry. Through his projects, writing and speaking opportunities, he seeks to push the world's largest industry to meet its potential for positive impact on a global scale.
What if the industry that encompasses ten percent of global GDP and employs every eleventh person on earth would be able to meet its potential for positive impact? That is what Gilad is seeking to find out.
Gilad is the founder of tech startup Raleigh&Drake , global nonprofit Travel+SocialGood and impact consultancyOnly Six Degrees. He has spoken at venues such as the United Nations, PURE Experiences, Social Media Week, NY Times Travel show, AirBNB Open, and more. In the spring of 2016, Gilad taught a MA course on sustainable tourism at NYU, and has been published in several media outlets. He currently resides in New York City..


  • "If you are in the sustainable travel space, it's impossible to NOT know Gilad. He is the most knowledgable and passionate guy I have ever met in the space." 
    Taylor Conroy
    Founder, Journey
  • "While some might see Gilad as one of the future rock stars of the travel industry, we simply believe that he is actually one of its current rock stars. Gilad has been speaking at nothing less than 3 of our events this year and each time he has delighted our audience with his always different and on point  insights. From customers behaviours or how tech will change the travel industry to the importance of embracing a more sustainable approach to business, Gilad has the answers" 
    Serge Dive
    Founder, Beyond Luxury Ltd.


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As a featured speaker in the DLD’s 6th cities summit in Tel Aviv, Gilad spoke on the intrinsic link between the rise of urbanization and the increasing demand for travel to urban destinations, the looming clash between the tourists and locals, and how proper policy that encouraging a more meaningful stream of inbound tourism will directly ameliorate the city, its residents, and the tourists who visit. Those cities that emerge as capitals of sustainable tourism will excel above the rest.


Addressing a collective of the world’s leading conservationists and travel industry leaders, this talk was focused on innovative methods to use technology as a means of mainstreaming impact in the travel space.


Addressing leaders in the luxury travel and hospitality space, this talk delved into building loyalty among the millennial traveler through aligning with their values, and how to achieve long-lasting brand affinity. 



Past speaking engagements
Past speaking engagements have encompassed both the academic to the inspirational, with focus on the wide nexus of travel, tech & innovation, and impact. As a panelist, Gilad provides insight into the mindset of the millennial generation, trends and innovation in travel and on community building. As a teacher, he instructs on subjects in travel & tourism, marketing, impact/sustainability, and community building through storytelling. Gilad’s talks range from four-minute spark talks to thirty-minute keynotes, and his classes from twenty minutes to a full day seminars.



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When Tourism Defeats the Poachers

The unfortunate byproduct of a well-worn passport is the risk of exposure to some of the more flagrant tragedies of our time. It may take shape as an overheard statistic — 30% of food grown around the world is squandered while 795 million go malnourished every day. Or…...

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The How-to guide for Sustainable travel

The myth of El Dorado, which drew global attention in the era of colonization, was essentially built on the premise that the golden city is out there for the taking. And while many thought they had the correct treasure maps, no one could seem to find it. El Dorado remains, to this day, a metaphor for idealistic goals deemed unachievable.…...

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Values Over Trappings: Building loyalty in the hospitality space among Gen Y travelers

Hospitality is a sector historically shrouded in a veil of mystique. Made timeless by the silver screen and yet in constant flux with the trends of the day, hotels have always managed to evoke our imaginations and draw in our desires to belong. And so it pains me to call foul on such a wondrous facet of the tourism industry..…...

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